Welcome to roommatch

Welcome to the UK's No.1 search engine for supported housing help and information hub! Here, tenants can access the details they need to live as independently as possible, according to their own individual needs. Whether you are searching for high-quality supported housing or just need assistance and information, we have you covered...

We believe supported housing should be a huge benefit to people’s lives to gain the help and support they require to live as independently as possible; we believe this all starts with a CHOICE…

We work alongside professional services who will be making referrals to organisations for service users with support needs, We have mobile search pads currently in use and aim to have these placed around the country making the search for excellent quality housing easier to find, saving huge amounts of time when looking for accommodation.

So, with roommatch bringing everyone together in one place at the click of a button, we are building a more open, honest and transparent sector to help create more stability, independence and security for the people who need us most.

Accommodation we cover

  • Homelessness
  • Mental Health
  • Alcohol Dependency
  • Drug Dependency
  • Complex needs
  • Mother and Baby
  • Domestic Violence

Who uses roommatch

  • Hospital Discharge Teams
  • CPNs
  • CMHT Centres
  • Social Workers
  • Probation Teams
  • Street Pastors
  • Job Centres
  • Homeless Hubs / organisations
  • Councils
  • Community Centres
  • Service Users / Tenants

We Believe That

  • Vulnerable people have the right to live as independently as possible and choosing their own home is often the perfect start.
  • The tenancy / licence agreement between the provider and the tenant are fully always respected.
  • Tenants in supported housing have the same security and stability as anybody else.
  • Giving individuals the opportunity to choose their own accommodation we believe is key when creating stability, settlement, independence, leading to a happy future.
  • With the right support, opportunities and choices tenants can lead completely independent lives.

Introduction to our CRM system

We also understand the importance of being able to evidence the excellent work supported housing providers do that’s why we have developed our very own custom built CRM system for supported housing www.rmsolutions.io we offer a FULLY loaded system with no upfront costs to enhance your organisation, things we cover as standard are

  • rent reconciliation
  • charges and arrears recording
  • record tenant information
  • real time reporting
  • work remotely
  • measure tenants progression
  • secure safe and compliant platform
  • full oversight and monitoring
  • online app help
  • cloud based
  • property monitoring and maintenance
  • estate management

We’ve got you covered….