We’ve had the pleasure of helping lots of people locate a suitable room. Here’s what some of our previous clients have to say about working with us:

We are very happy with RM Solutions Software and the excellent service they provide.  Not only is the software easy to use, but the team go out of their way to ensure that we get the most out of the software and use it to full advantage.  As a Supported Exempt Accommodation provider, the system is specifically designed for SEA and keeps us on the right side of Housing Benefit compliance and quality and value for money evidence.

I would very much recommend RM Solutions to any similar service to ours.

Vicky Chittock - Goddess Living CIC

I’ve been using Room Match for around 3 months now. I had one or two training sessions to show me the basics of how the system worked and found it incredibly easy to navigate through. After almost 3 months of use, it has become second nature on how to use the system, I can go from one part to another with ease and feels like I’ve been using the system for much longer as it was so simple to pick up and learn from zero experience.

Rebecca Young - Dawson Housing

From my first session of being shown how the platform Room match works i saw straight away how the system  would make my job role within my company more efficient, as well as being a system that would allow my team to  provide data figures upon request straight away. 
The team at Room match provided  great system training on how everything works and how to set the system base  first and build on from that. This allowed me to transfer our data with ease from our previous platform over to Room Match within 2 months of our first meeting.
We went live as of December 2023 and i can 100% say that everything i saw in the first meeting of  the system allowing us to work smoother and more efficient is exactly how we are working day to day.

Nicola Holloway - Dawson Housing

From the first point of contact with RM Solutions, we knew Room Match was the platform for us.

Wayne and the team demonstrate a genuine commitment to their customer base, listening and taking feedback enabling them to continuously improve, what is already a great product.

Room Match is extremely user-friendly with comprehensive jargon free training and support available at all times so even the most technophobic user finds it accessible and easy to use.

Pricing is clear and transparent so there are no surprise fees and the attention to detail is far superior to other platforms we considered.

We particularly like the fact that upgrades/improvements are rolled out regularly, so we don’t have to wait if something isn’t working for us.

Chaun Wilson - Dawson Housing

Future Health and Social Care Association recently successfully completed the implementation of RM solutions as it’s housing management software and have noticed various significant improvements in day to day operation management, synergy with our partners and enhanced organisational reporting.

Day to day operations for our staff and residents having the ability to choose through roommatch the type of support and accommodation they would like to live in. This allows us to provide a more individual, person-centred approach to housing which allows us to have an improved relationship with tenants as they feel like their specific needs are being met more accurately.

Roommatch has also allowed us to build better relationships with other organisations, as it serves as a foundation to network through, with potential tenants being signposted to enquire regarding potentially being housed by ourselves. If it is someone that doesn’t necessarily fit our required criteria, we are then able to direct them towards a company or service that may be able to assist.

It has enabled our staff to work more efficiently as a system has many different features and is transparent for all users, from our administrators up to the board. For example, the dashboards provides a quick, easy to comprehend visual summary of many different records and documents, allowing users to promptly access or create a report when required.

Chantelle - Future Health & Social Care

My organisation has been using RMSolutions for around 6 months. We have found the system to be efficient and user friendly. All departments have benefited from using the system in different ways. From a management point of view, I feel I have better oversight of my organisation. I can clearly see gaps in support, compliance, and property maintenance. Compared to the other systems we have used previously this one stands out by a mile, it has saved time, energy, and money. We can measure our resident journeys accurately which in turn creates better outcomes for our residents. Aside from the system itself we have found all staff at Roommatch to be very professional and supportive. We highly recommend this service/system

Cara Dudley - Orsa Housing

RM Solutions' intensive Housing Management System has proven to be a game-changer for housing providers and their teams nationwide. This innovative system has revolutionised the way housing providers like ourselves interact with their tenants, ultimately leading to improved support, and overall tenant satisfaction.

One of the standout features of this system is its seamless alignment with the needs of tenants. It empowers housing providers to deliver the best possible support by providing a platform where tenants support and support plans can be easily managed and monitored by RP’s and Management teams. This ensures that tenants' support needs are adhered to and addressed within required times, resulting in a more responsive and tenant-centric approach to housing management. The system also excels in the area of maintenance management. It allows for the efficient tracking of maintenance requests, ensuring that issues are resolved in a timely manner. By streamlining the maintenance process, housing providers can ensure that their properties are well-maintained, providing safe and comfortable living environments for their tenants.

A standout feature of RM Solutions' intensive Housing Management System is its easy access void management. This system provides a clear and visual representation of void properties / Units, allowing housing providers to identify and prioritise the properties that require attention. This not only streamlines the process of filling voids but also helps in optimising the allocation of resources to where they are needed the most. Additionally, the integration of Roommatch, is a game-changing feature. Housing providers can leverage Roommatch's marketing capabilities to attract and engage potential tenants more effectively. This marketing tool, which comes as part of the system, is provided to users at no extra cost, making it a valuable asset for housing providers looking to fill void properties and maintain high occupancy rates.

Perhaps one of the most gripping aspects of RM Solutions' intensive Housing Management System is its cost-effectiveness. As it falls under an eligible charge, it is available to users essentially for free. This cost-saving element has made it an absolute game-changer for housing associations and providers, enabling them to allocate their resources more efficiently and invest in the well-being of their tenants. Knowing that Wayne and the team are always on hand to support has been an incredible resource during the transition over to RM solutions. If you are reading this and considering whether to use RM solutions, feel free to contact me directly, I can give you further insight on the benefits to ourselves and our tenants.

Darrell Tinsley - Managing Director - Easy Housing Association

We are a supported housing provider with a large number of rooms, we signed up to roommatch in April 2022 with the aim of generating more professional and regular referrals. Signing up with roommatch was the best decision we could have made, since then with the help of Wayne, Keelie and Kelly we have had the opportunity to build relationships with Birmingham mind, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Heartlands hospital and many more. We now receive reliable, genuine referrals. There is no other platform who offer what roommatch do. We no longer have a large number of voids and are working with hospitals and companies we were struggling to create relationships with before. The team are always on hand to assist with anything you need. 

Roya - Golbourne Wright Properties

Room Match has been absolutely amazing for Recycling Lives and helping us re home some of our clients. Such a great platform and easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. Only been using for a short while and can see that this is going to be a great partnership.

Hayley Medlock - Recycling Lives

I would just like to show my appreciation for roommatch and how this gives the individual who needs accommodation the choice and control of where they live. We have had so many years of support workers choosing accommodation for their clients, which isn't suitable and also landlords using unsuitable properties with lots of disrepair. Roommatch I belive is now setting the standards for supported accommodation and bringing standards to a level never seen before. The question I ask if your a supported housing provider and your not on roommatch then why ?.

We have supported numerous people through roommatch who are happy and settled in an accommodation they chose 😀

-Andrew Chelton, Director Of Foundation 2 Change C.I.C

As the co founder & Director of FND.CHANGE C.I.C an organisation that rehabilitates prisoners, we know the importance of getting the transition from the prison, into the community and into  appropriate accommodation correct, this foundation when delivered correctly  will be the driving force, building recovery capital in the lives of who we support.

Our experience of roommatch is that it is leagues above the rest, their attention to detail & support is something to be admired, their housing is at a standard to which I myself would live, & speaking first hand to services users who state they feel safe for the first time & that the support offered has helped them move forward achieving their goals, they feel valued & for the first time they have hope that long term change is possible.

In my professional opinion roommatch are the Gold standard of housing providers, to whom we can all learn best practice, the implementation of their crm system which enables care plans, risk assessment & notes to be uploaded in a timely manner ensuring duty of care is being carried out by the provider.

- Jay Arnold, FND.CHANGE C.I.C

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank roommatch I used your site for the first time last week to find a suitable address, that supported the needs of a service user of mine. It was so simple to use, to navigate, to get the results I needed. Furthermore, my service user now moves into his new place on Sunday, after being released from Prison and sofasurfing for the past week. The accommodation provider even carried out an assessment while he was still inside. Without a service like yours, it would have made my task so much more difficult, considering the mental health support he required and a fresh start.

-Andrew Richardson, Ingeus Justice Services

This website will ensure providers offer quality accommodation to vulnerable people. Individuals will regain more control about where they want to live which is often the first step to recovery and independence. As an experienced social worker and AMHP people present in crisis impacted by their environment. This website will enable professionals to signpost or support people to find suitable accommodation quicker freeing them up to focus on their statutory duties. I have worked professionally with this organisation on many occasions and find their ethics, philosophy and principles to care for vulnerable people outstanding. I am happy to promote their latest venture and look forward to empowering citizens.

-Mary Watson

This is the first time i have had the opportunity to be able to choose my own supported accommodation, i was advised to look on roommatch to see what was available, i came across a property and after looking at the photos and i watched the video it looked perfect for myself.

I contacted RoomMatch and they said i can speak to the provider direct and they were friendly and made my whole move easy and im now settled and couldnt be happier.

I found the RoomMatch site easy to use and the staff were friendly and helpful i would highly recomend other people looking for supported to use this site.


I was struggling to find a room in the area i wanted, after i had heard about RoomMatch i found multiple rooms which were suitable, i called Roommatch where the staff talked me through what to do next and after 30 minutes i had called the company direct and booked myself a viewing i am now settled and very happy and i recomend people to use this site as my new house looked just like the pictures and it was so nice to scroll before i booked a viewing.

i am now a happy person

-This website is brilliant...

This company is so underrated!!

They offer both tenants and providers transparency and structured support. Ensuring both parties are happy! Pleased to be involved with such an empathetic organisation.

-AC Assistance

Amazing staff who work quickly and effectively to get specialized accommodation for those with a higher level of support needed.
Used them from a professional aspect and was able to liaise with the staff perfectly to find a same day accommodation for a service user.

Great communication and lovely staff. :)


I've only just registered with Room match, but so far the experience has been positive. The staff were very welcoming and my interaction overall was a good one. I'm positive that going forward our relationship will be one of progression.

-Inspired Housing LTD

I work for Birmingham and Solihull mental health foundation trust and we have been using Roommatch for our Male service users.
The website is very easy to use and the accommodation- service providers who hold the rooms are in very good condition.
The service charge is very reasonable and affordable for the service users and the best thing is you can search for any area in Birmingham.
I hope to be sending more of our patients to Roommatch.

- Sabrina, Associate Nurse- Zinnia Centre

I was really pleasantly surprised that the young man who was almost homeless was supported to find a place to call his own at that short space of time.

RoomMatch really delivered a 5 star service and well done to all the staff for your support. Much appreciated.

-Adesola, Social Worker- Edgbaston Complex Team

Thank you to all the staff for supporting me on Roommatch, it is such an ideal website to have for our patients and for staff. Patients are able to see the rooms and videos of the accommodation before they actually go out and view it. Patients are able to have more involvement in their discharge plans. I like how there are a variety of accommodations on the site in different areas and new ones are added on regularly.

- Raj Kaur, Discharge Manager - Oleaster Hospital

I’ve been living in supported accommodation for 4 years now in 7 different houses an not really been happy where I’ve been living I didn’t think I was able to choose my own room until my social worker told me of this new site, all I can say is thank you to the guys at roommatch and I wish I knew about it when I 1st needed support I tell all the people I know about this website now as I feel like I’m back in control of my life. Thank you!

- Darren

Hey Kelly,
Just wanted to big you and Wayne up for a service user I have that has peen placed with us, I didn't think I was going to stand a chance to be honest, middle of Handsworth and competing with some almost 5star accommodation.
But to my surprise a client came to me today.
Simply amazing!
Your service is superb glad to be apart of the community.
Thanks again
Best regards Mark - Nest Support

- Mark, Nest Support

By providing a platform for people to easily view reliably advertised clearly labelled accommodation, Room Match is single handily cleaning up supported accommodation in Birmingham. You can easily see what is available, apply then and there or get the extra information you need from the named provider. It has streamlined the accommodation search and application process whilst providing a sure thing. What you see is what you get and it works.

-Harriet Ravenscroft - Heartlands Hospital

We are working alongside Roommatch marketing some rooms we have for vulnerable residents.The support from Roommatch is above and beyond the marketing and if there is going to be a shift in exempt accommodation delivery, offering choice for residents will be a major part of that. Keep up the great work Team Roommatch.

Clifton Housing Project

I have been working with RoomMatch since January and fully advocate their service. They offer safe, quality accommodation with relevant support based on individuals needs. A great platform enabling tenants to have autonomy over where they live and having confidence all advertised rooms meet the high standards RoomMatch demands.

-Natalie Cartmell - DWP Partnership Manager

“I am really impressed with what Wayne has created with Roommatch and excited to be part of it as it continues to grow.
I believe it makes incredible changes to the way supported accommodation can be accessed by those who need it.
For somebody that is vulnerable, being able to choose where they want to live is totally life changing.
It will enable them to live close to their family and support networks, meaning the journey towards recovery or independent living is much more likely to succeed.
The checks and processes Roommatch are providing, mean that the rooms offered by housing providers are regulated in an unique way. This safeguards potential tenants and gives them an accurate reflection of the room they are selecting and the package of support they will receive.”

-Shelly Howell, Pure Project, Trident Reach

My company have been using Room Match since they opened. They are an amazing company that are genuinely passionate about what they do. They do the most for the homeless and they are making sure that the homeless have access to a high standard of housing. They involve the companies they work alongside to ensure that we are doing all that we can to support the homeless.
I would recommend Room Match 100%.

-Kerry - KD Housing and Support LTD

Client ‘A’ Engaged at 20.15pm one Friday night homeless in our city centre
“I am blown away at being able to choose my next digs with such sic quality man. You appear out of nowhere with a smile and hope from under my dirty duvet on the street. You Birmingham Pastors and RoomMatch guys are flipping amazing. You sat with me on the pavement man! and helped me access RoomMatch site and in under an hour I am on a bus to my chosen place after 71 days of being homeless. So, sic man thank you Pastors & RoomMatch. “ As ‘A’ left on his bus in tears, clutching his housing referral info he shouts to us through the window and draws a heart on the steamed-up window. You guys are bloody angels, I love you man, I don’t deserve this and that anyone should show me such love, blows my head and made me cry man. #SimplyLifechanging.
“As Networkfour Project Director, I can personally say this partnership has truly transformed our ability to tackle frontline homelessness every day and it empowers us to offer real hope and care for the vulnerable we care for. I and my team look forward to growing partnership and together reshaping the housing and homeless scenery within our city to bring so many more vulnerable lives real hope and safe accommodation.”
Such an amazing piece of kit that everyone should be adopting for the good of lives in need of housing
Thank you so much

-Networkfour Project Director

We are an exempt supported housing provider operating in Birmingham and Solihull. We have recently joined up with Room Match, principally due to the real desire shown by all the team at Room Match to improve the voice and choice for those in need of supported living.
As a company we hope Room Match will enable us to find people that not only need supported accommodation but more importantly from being involved and given a real choice of where to live, they may make better use of the services on offer. We believe this choice is critical to this sector, that is all too often considered to be exclusively populated by profit driven low quality housing providers. This service is critical to moving the power from such providers to a collaboration between caring providers and empowered residents that are more likely to succeed in helping people move onto independent living.
It is early days in our relationship with Room Match, but so far we have been delighted with the service and the step changes it gives to applicants of the service.

-Jamie Pearson - Move On Housing

Room match have had such a positive impact on our company. Wayne and the team are always extremely responsive to any requests . They are polite and courteous . They are able to assist and solve any issue we bring to them. Direct referrals are always positive and matched correctly according to our requirements. As a company they always go the extra mile to accommodate our needs. We would highly recommend them.

-Sue - Promised Identity